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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has its origin in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym of one or more persons, decided to launch a new electronic currency whose peculiarity is that only served to make operations within the network of networks. Bitcoin refers to both the currency and the protocol and the P2P network on which it rests. Bitcoin is a virtual and intangible currency. That is, you can not play in any form as with coins or bills, but can be used as payment in the same way as these. As is the case with the money we have in our bank the Bitcoin increase or decrease our personal account as income or expense perform, the only difference is that there is no possibility of monetizing, as when, for example, withdrew money from a ATM.

How do they work?

Bitcoin to operate only have to download any of the applications available, there are many alternatives to any operating system, whether desktop or mobile as iOS or Android (or Bitcoin Wallet MULTIBIT are just some options). With them you can create your Bitcoins wallet that simplifying, consists of a private key associated with a public key with which to perform operations. Thanks to them, the Bitcoin can not be forged and ensure that the user-to-user transactions are conducted safely

How to get Bitcoin?

There are three ways to get or buy Bitcoins. The first, and simplest, is accessing any of the market Bitcoin as or Kraken that allow conventional money exchange, euros or dollars, Bitcoin.

Another way is the exchange of goods with other users, ie the purchase / sale of life but pay with Bitcoins. The last, and most bizarre, is “mining”. This practice is to use part of the resources of our computer in solving extremely complex Bitcoins in exchange for math problems. GPU mining has Become the main way to generate bitcoins. , Although mining bitcoin have much difficulty.

Play with bitcoin

The bitcoin casinos are a great option to use your bitcoins.

If you want to play with other cryptocurrencies , you can use dogecoin casinos or litecoin casinos.